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Why Us

Rita Food and Drink Co.,Ltd

Rita Food & Drink Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2004 as a 100% Foreign owned Company and specializes in the production of Beverage such as Energy drink,  Milk, Aloe vera Juice, Fruit juice, Soft Drink, Coffee, Beer, Tea Drink, Basil seed with juice, Chia seed drink, coconut water, drink water, Carbonated drink.....We are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Vietnam

Our factory, located in Song Than 2 Industrial Park with 30, 000 square meters, possesses the yearly producing capacity of 3,000,000 cartons of Drinks. And also, We have build up a strong research and development team, who is continuously improving our manufacturing process, quality standards of our products.

What We Do

  • Guarantee NFC

    Although our products are high quality and from natural sources. We set very co-operative and competitive prices for Clients. Surely you can not get better price from any else where. We do believe that we offer you the best!
  • Free Sample Product

    We have our own in-house LAB, who can help you develop your own products formula FOR FREE.We also make the Samples FOR FREE for Clients, following their requirements or they can choose from our available ranges.
  • Free Design Label

    We have our own experienced designer team, who will help you save thousands of dollars on the artwork, by giving you free label design service.So Far, Our other Clients are very happy with this kind of service from us.
  • Small MOQ

    Whether you already have distribution chanel, or are just a new comer in the industry. Our program can serve you both.We set our MOQ to be LOW & FLEXIBLE so it will be easier for Clients get their idea into practice.
  • Fast Delivery

    Fast Delivery

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Rita Food and Drink Co.,Ltd. 

  • No. 8, Thong Nhat Boulevard, Song Than 2 Industrial Park, Di An Ward, Di An District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.
  • (+84) 274 3784 788
  • (+84) 274 3784 799